Featured Pipe Store-Wunderland Pipes & Gifts

I want to start off by saying hands down, Wunderland is the best smoke accessory shop in all the Seattle area. They only buy from local glass artists and absolutely do not sell any tobacco products. I don’t think there is any other shop quite like Wunderland. I have never had anything but awesome customer service and always leave happy knowing I made quality investments.

The selection of what they offer is very large and is all locally made. Wunderland was formerly called Odyssey of Burien, but is still the same owners and staff since becoming Wunderland. Odyssey was a staple in Burien since the 1970’s.

The only thing I can really say is you must stop in and find what treasures await. I will be following up with the owners of Wunderland for an in depth interview and possibly a discount code.

Enjoying Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire very much so! In addition to reading the book I also had the opportunity to listen to it on CD while driving and enjoyed it just as much! Normally I can’t pay attention to an audio book but the task of driving helped focus my mind.

Strain Review- 3 Kings

So the strain 3 Kings I really like! I keep some on hand at all times. I never get tired of smoking it. I have been collecting data and reviewing information on this strain, and honestly, I’m confused. Here is a breakdown of 3 Kings from

The 3 Kings marijuana strain, a holy trinity of Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush, is a sativa-dominant hybrid and genetic masterpiece. Sour tanginess reek from the sage green buds, and its frosty coat gives you a fair warning of the 3 Kings’ potency. Medical patients will appreciate the versatility of this strain’s medicinal effects as it relieves pain, stress, and nausea without heavy sedation.

Now next is the breakdown from

Genetics: trainwreck x diesel x Kush doesn’t even have any lab testing submitted. It’s basically been a huge guessing game except for from one source.

So what is a guy to believe? I believe the scientific testing done at Heres the test results for the 3 Kings available at

  • 0.57% CBG-A
  • < 0.01% CBG
  • 0.50% CBG-TOTAL
    (CBG-A * 0.878 + CBG)
  • 20.72% ∆9-THC-A
  • 0.63% ∆9-THC
  • < 0.01% ∆8-THC
  • < 0.01% CBN
  • 18.80% THC-TOTAL
    (∆9-THC-A * 0.877 + ∆9-THC)
  • 0.04% CBD-A
  • 0.10% CBD
  • 0.14% CBD-TOTAL
    (CBD-A * 0.877 + CBD)
  • 0.02% CBC