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Weed Wednesday 2/8/17

Hello and welcome to Weed Wednesday, where we share fun and interesting weed related things we’ve found. For more check out our Twitters (2wholeminutes, mxdentrepreneur, goddessmila44) and Tumblr.

Weed Wednesday 1/3/17

Reblog for Weed Wednesday: Strain Review: Blue Dream


I powered through, and got some munchies. The high with this strain is very heady, and hits like a train, lasting quite long enough for me. I enjoyed listening to music while I was smoking Blue Dre…

Source: Strain Review: Blue Dream

Weed Wednesday 11/9/2016

What a glorious Weed Wednesday! Take a look at all of the states that either legalized medical or just straight up marijuana!

Weed Wednesday

Hello lovelies and welcome to Weed Wednesday!

Great tip!

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