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Stone & Metal Ch 2

Hello and welcome to Fiction Friday! Here is last Friday’s better late than never second chapter of Stone & Metal:


Ch 2

Shortly after her arrival, chaos ensued. The youngest of nine; the most dismissed and forgotten, and yet somehow the one anyone would go to war over. There was so much commotion, so much bustle, because it was not just her family in their large home, but her mother’s brother’s family and her father’s sister’s family.

Everyone got in the way trying to hear or see what was going on. Luckily Arion was carrying her, who was the tallest in the family standing at damn near eight feet. People naturally always gave him so much space, so when he started walking through they parted. Continue reading Stone & Metal Ch 2

The Time is Now


The time is NOW!!! In today’s society we tend to worry about yesterday, today, and tomorrow. In all actuality, right now should be the only concern. Nothing is more important than the moment we are living in RIGHT NOW!!! The past and the future brings about worry, which is a waste of energy. Yesterday will never reappear and tomorrow is uncertain, so enjoy what’s happening RIGHT NOW!! If you have a dream, chase it RIGHT NOW!! If you love someone, tell them RIGHT NOW!!

One Love


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