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Tresses Thursday

Hello and welcome to Tresses Thursday, where I will share hair styles and tips!

Now that I am an organic vegetarian I love my hair. Before I transitioned to eating organic food, my hair was a nightmare.  In a previous post, Hair Battle? Not So Much…, I talked about the struggle of learning and taming my hair and how Organic food helped with that. As much as my hair has improved, could it get better? My mom suggested that I look in to hair products that had the similar standard of the food we consumed. It took awhile, but I stumbled upon these products!  Continue reading Tresses Thursday

Thursday Thoughts

Armstrong The Bone Collector - Original by iClassicalCom, on FlickrMy, my, my, how the time flies when you read! I am almost finished The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver. Currently I have read 75% of the book, stopping at the beginning of part IV. I am extremely eager to see how this book ends. Since I have watched the movie I kind of know where it’s going, but only recently read pages have sort of foreshadowed what is coming/to happen. The diction in The Bone Collector, and probably all in the Lincoln Rhyme Series, is very detailed and riveting. As you read your mind races as you become just as appetent as the characters you are reading about to get to the bottom of things.


Picture: “Armstrong The Bone Collector – Original” (CC BY 2.0) by  iClassicalCom 

Weed Wednesday

Hello lovelies and welcome to Weed Wednesday!

Great tip!

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The Experience



The molecule that make us all. Everything around you is also a part of you. We all know the saying, “Say No to Drugs”. There is a drug system that approves drugs and a system that disapproves drugs. As we can see in today’s society the approved drug is far more dangerous than the disapproved drug. I wonder why? During the 60s or the “Hippie Era” there was a drug everyone was taking known as “psychadelics”. Science has discovered the most profound molecule in psycadelics called dimethyltrypamine or DMT dmtthat is found in every organism of nature including humans. The interesting fact to me is that DMT is also produced in the brain while we are sleep and provides the dream realm. Which ironically is similar to a “trip” you would take during a psychedelic experience, but less powerful of course. Take a look at what its like to experience a trip and the effect is has to not only know we were all connected but to actually see it.



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