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Reblog for Weed Wednesday: Strain Review: Blue Dream


I powered through, and got some munchies. The high with this strain is very heady, and hits like a train, lasting quite long enough for me. I enjoyed listening to music while I was smoking Blue Dre…

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Reblog For Tasty Tuesday 12/13/16: Eating well on a budget…

In everyday normal, adult conversations, I find myself talking about food a lot. Eating, cooking and sharing food is really important to me and I think about it a lot. Like 70% of time. Or more.

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Reblog Saturday

Must Read For Anyone Interested in Growing Their Own Food

Today I was prompted by a few things to revisit a previous post I created to help our followers grow their own garlic. First, I read yet another article on the dangers in our food supply. Sadly, not all our trading partners feel it is important to give us clean, safe and healthy foods. The power […]

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Reblog Saturday 9/10/2016

Do you play Overwatch, or are you still not sure about picking it up? Well if this weekend Blizzard is allowing PS4 and Xbox One player’s download the game on their console for a free-play weekend. Players will have full access to the game, but only for a limited time. The trial has already started […]

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Reblog Saturday: Nature Always Finds A Way

Today, I share with you the silly story of the butternut squash vine that crawled 20 feet along our fence line and then weaseled its way 7 feet up a tree. The best part? That, of all places, was where it decided to deposit a new, plump butternut squash. Gardening is full of surprises like […]

via Uexpected Garden Delight: The Squash in a Tree — Recipe in a Bottle