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420 |12/7/2016

As you take a pause today to enjoy your 420 send some good vibes and love to our gal Nina and her cat.


Also, check out her website here! You may not agree with her summaries but her investigations and her articles are hella sourced.

Flowers For Senate, Maryland

Fact(s) Friday 9/16/2016

Hi and welcome to Fact(s) Friday, where we share facts. This Friday we’d like to share facts about water. Enjoy the following videos.

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Water Is Life


2wholeminutes LLC stands in solidarity with Sacred Stone Camp and humans everywhere protecting our water and Earth Mother. No economic benefit is worth risking our water. Ever. 20160905_141437

“Baltimore Rapper Lor Scoota Killed”

One of Baltimore’s own rappers Lor Scoota was shot and killed this past Friday at an intersection after he left a charity basketball event at Morgan State University. People die so often around us that it has desensitized us, numbed us to the loss of life. There are countless people like Lor Scoota, robbed and deprived of their potential and their opportunity to contribute to our society. Remember to cherish the ones you hold dear and try to encourage and inspire the people around you. We are all just humans trying to live and thrive on this planet we call Earth.

Here is Lor Scoota’s most popular song. Also check out his music on Soundcloud.

Do Your Part For The Bees!