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Old Writing

Recently I came across some of my old writing and boy does it bring back memories! It’s so interesting to read something you wrote awhile ago and notice how much you’ve grown, the ways you have changed. I got better at building sentences, improved my writing style, and started using more words.

My younger writer self switched between pencil and keyboard, whereas now I mostly use keyboard. Although, with as much as technology is taking over how we do everyday things I have gone back to writing a lot of things by hand. Why I started using the keyboard pretty much exclusively was the fact that you can get your ideas written down so much faster! Plus, whatever errors you make can  either be fixed for you or or underlined red for you to take a look at. Editing grammar and punctuation, being able to re-read a sentence, realize there’s a problem with it, and fix it quickly with no hassle or fuss.

I lost myself for hours, sitting there reading things that I had long ago written, old ideas that sparked new ones. I’m anxious to revive some of these ideas. Sitting here now I am semi-distracted because these story lines are playing out in my head. What I love most about writing is that you can write your own world, create your own people and creatures, shape society, knowledge, technology, or history. Getting ready to write fills me with energy, with a burn, a need to get these words out of my head and down somewhere more permanent and retrievable.

After hours of reading my old writing, I realized that as a writer I now focus too much on editing as I go. I stopped focusing on the actual writing, the content, to work on the aesthetics. Reading my old writing reminded me why I loved writing so much, why I was anxious to create that refreshing, faraway place that was an escape. Now it’s time to get back to it.

This photo is from Pixabay.