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Bmore Woke👀👀👀

Hiya 🙋 Peoples. Hope y’all tokin well. Woke today with Maze’s “Before I Let Go” & the absurd hateration folks are showing Mo’Nique insteada standing with her against that fukery still on my mind. How TF any y’all fukin peasants begrudging her magically talented LEGEND ass any of that CORPORATE FUKIN MONEY
Lemme say that shit again so it sinks in…
And then to denigrate a distinguished and formidable body of work with “yeah, but what’s she done the last year” type a shit. FOHWTBS
Her explanations of that “difficult to work with” label resonate with this Baltimore girl whose had my assertiveness & refusal to accept any fukin treatment, or standby idly by while others were abused, labeled as “difficult” “aggressive” “ghetto”, etc. So I’m sending out positive vibrations that y’all wake TF up and see Mo is fighting for y’all too. Fuk.
Thank God for this delicious smoothie, my curry wrap, & my higher angels keeping my energy balanced.💃Be safe everyone.🙏
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Reblog Saturday

The Little Prince (2016) Directed by Mark Osborne The French author Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s life reads a little like the plot of “The Little Prince.” When he was young, he dreamed of becoming a pilot. But after failing his exams, he broke off an engagement with his fiancé and took a boring office job. He […]

via ‘The Little Prince’ finds a fitting home on Netflix — Cinema or Cine-meh?

Tv-Show Tuesday

This show is great! I have been eagerly waiting for the third season of The Peaky Blinders to be on Netflix since I binged watched the first two. This historical fiction is filled with tons of violence, blackmail, and whiskey. Tommy Shelby, a WWI veteran and second eldest brother, struggles to keep and expand the family business and also keep his family and himself alive. The Shelby family is close, yet volatile and suspicious of one another, their interactions entertaining as you watch their relationships develop.

Check This Out!

This is definitely a must see Netflix Original! Netflix’s other original anime was The Seven Deadly Sins which was cute and fantastic and definitely  didn’t disappoint. It also had a more light, comedic feel to it like Fairy Tail does. Their new anime Ajin: Demi-Human is more of a mysterious supernatural horror. The first episode was so intriguing! The concept already had me hooked but the way events played out at the end had me yearning for me.

Each episode is about 25 minutes, but cut out summary scenes and the beginning and ending songs and it’s closer to 20. Take twenty minutes to watch this new Netflix Original and you won’t regret it.