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Tresses Thursday 2/9/17

Hi and welcome to another Tresses Thursday, where I share¬†hair updates, hairstyles, and tips.ūüėĬ† My goal every week is to try a different hairstyle, and this week’s surely is brand new and extremely simple.

First, I washed my hair using  Andalou hair products, then put Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner in. After that I used a thick-toothed comb to distribute it thoroughly
through my hair. Then, I parted my hair from the top of one ear to the other and twisted the bottom section into a bun to be dealt with later. With the hair in the front I parted it into four sections. Each section before getting twisted along my head received about a quarter sized amount of Desert Essence J0joba Oil. The remaining hair from the twists against my head got twisted into a bun.

With the front done, I moved on to the back section. I applied a quarter-sized amount of jJojoba oil to it, combed it through, and then braided the rest.

And there you have it!

Music & Video: SydTheJack

P.S. All products used are either organic or non-gmo.

Tresses Thursday 1/5/17

Hello all, and welcome to another Tresses Thursday, where I share hair updates, hairstyles, and tips.ūüėĬ† My goal every week is to try a different hairstyle. This week my mom, our resident artist milamoki, styled my hair.

First, I washed my hair using  Andalou hair products, then put Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner in. After that I used a thick-toothed comb to distribute it thoroughly 20161207_020830.jpgthrough my hair. Tip: Styling wet is hair 1,000% easier than doing it once its dry. Once it dries it expands, becomes poofy and a lot less malleable, like in this photo.

Then, Milamoki parted my hair from the top of my left ear across my head to my right ear. Tip: Twisting the hair you are not working with into a bun is better than just putting it in a pony tail or clipping it to the side because it helps the hair stay wet and not poof up and expand. She twisted the hair below this part in to a bun to be dealt with later.

Milamoki¬†then parted the rest of the hair down the middle and twisted the left side in to a bun. With the hair on the right, she parted it into two sections, then parted those sections down the middle. After that, she took each section in the front and secured it with a black rubber band. From there, she braided the hair until she got to the next set of sections. Milamoki combined the braid with the next section, securing with another black rubber band, added the hair she picked up in that section and continued to braid. Once both sections were rubber banded ¬†and braided, she combined both into one braid, braiding it till about an inch to the end, then securing it with another rubber band. Tip:It’s better to not braid the hair all the way to the end or secure the hair with a rubber band to the very end because it will rip and damage the ends of your hair. With the hair on the left she repeated the steps above. After both sides of hair were braided, she took the hair in the back and did a simple single braid.

Tip: When it is time to take the hair our of this style, it is better to use a cuticle clipper to cut the rubber bands out. I find that scissors are much harder to use and I end up cutting some of the hair in the process. Plus, the cuticle clippers are a lot sharper and precise. The rubber bands snap so quickly and easily!

And header-156421_1280, there you have this weeks Tresses Thursday hairstyle!


Tresses Thursday 12/7/2016

Hello all! Welcome to Tresses Thursday, where I share hair updates, hairstyles, and tips. In this week’s post I demonstrate how quickly my hair dries and shrinks right after washing. I used to hate that my hair was so poofy but now I view it as my awesome mane.

Tresses Thursday 12/1/16

Hello all! Welcome to Tresses Thursday, where I share hair updates, hairstyles, and tips. For this week’s post I have two simple braids in the back and twisted the hair in the front into two side buns.

 So, how did I make this hair style? First, I washed my hair using Andalou hair products and afterwards used Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner . Secondly, I used a thick-tooth comb to comb out my hair as well as distribute the leave in conditioner thoroughly. Thirdly, I part the hair into four sections, parting in such a way so that more hair is in the back two sections than the front two. Next, I twist both front sections and one back section in to temporary buns so the hair can stay sectioned. Then, I take the free back section and braid it. I do the same to the other side. Now that the back is finished, I start on the front. I untwist a front bun, comb it out, then begin to twist the hair along my head back towards my ear. Once to the ear, I twist the remaining hair into a bun on the side that looks coiled. I repeat the process for the last temporary bun, twisting the hair along my head towards my ear, then twisting it into a coil bun.

And voila, there you have it!


Tresses Thursday 9/1/2016

download_20160221_183534Hi and welcome to Tresses Thursday! This week I’d like to share with you the growth and condition of my hair. In this picture, which¬†was¬†taken in February of 2016 before I switched to using Andalou Naturals products, my hair is flat ironed straight. As you can see, my hair looks kind of dry, especially at the end. It was smooth and nice feeling on the top half, the half closest to my head, the newest growth, but the bottom half felt a little offensive to touch and obviously doesn’t look as good.¬† Continue reading Tresses Thursday 9/1/2016

Stop the prescription assault!

I very recently had a change in my pain medication to better help manage my pain. I was switched from my normal vicodin to dilaudid. I have been hesitant on taking anything stronger for a while now, but reluctantly agreed to try the dilaudid for a month. The first few days were ok, no noticeable side affects. Then the problems started. I was not breathing normally and was feeling very weak.

I made an appointment same day and went back to my Dr office. After a long day of being upset and concerned about breathing normal again, I finally was feeling better after undergoing some care at the Drs.

My question now is why would they want to put me on a medication that causes severe breathing problems, when I have obstructive sleep apnea? I’m not putting any¬†names or even what office it was at, but can you not kill me please! And EPIC FAIL on my pharmacist for not seeing the potential for problems.

I will be posting a lot more and catching up on things that this whole ordeal has put into disarray.