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Heroes Summer Championship!

Day 2 of the Heroes Of The Storm Summer Championship! Head on over to Twitch and watch as the battles unfold! I definitely recommend watching to help understand how each character fights and how they can work together as a team. Also it gives you ideas for individual as well as team strategy.

Cheer and Win! Blizzard will be raffling off Hero and Skin codes throughout the live show so go show some love!

Today I played Heroes of the Storm for the first time! I have never played League of Legends but from the article that I read located in the tweet below it said that HotS is much less complicated and LoL requires much more strategy.

Basically, HotS is a much more simplified version of LoL. There isn’t as much setup or technical depth. It focuses solely on combat and hero talents, which I love. It is a breeze to play and the graphics are superb. Heroes of the Storm is a simplified MOBA that allows you to focus more on the battle while uncomplicatedly choose hero talents. I definitely recommend this game!

Here’s a bit of my first experience playing Heroes of the Storm!