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Fact(s) Friday 9/16/2016

Hi and welcome to Fact(s) Friday, where we share facts. This Friday we’d like to share facts about water. Enjoy the following videos.

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#WaterIsLife 9/15/2016

2wholeminutes LLC agrees wholeheartedly and stands in solidarity with Dr. Jill Stein, Ajamu Baraka, and our fellow indigenous humans to protect our water, bees, and Earth.


The title of this post is not a mere hashtag, metaphor, or hyperbole. It is a simple stated fact of human existence, a simple fact for every living organism on this planet. That an economic benefit of any level should supersede its value and protection is insane. That we would allow the violation of indigenous sovereignty is criminal. That we would ignore their humanity in favor of anything, let alone profit, is disgusting.That the pipeline was rerouted from predominantly white Bismark is a real time example of the immoral systemic racism deeply embedded in our government. Our Earth Mother needs us to stop killing her with fossil fuels and mass food production. If you are not standing against this bullshit than you are part of the problem.

~2wholeminutes LLC  20160906_173141.jpg