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Fiction Friday 2/10/17 Tale Weaver #106

Hello, and welcome to Fiction Friday where I share some of my writing. This week’s post is a response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver No. 106. This week they are asking for a tale to be woven where touch is important.


1,801 words, 6-8 Minute Read

Chapter 1

His lips left tiny burning trails against my shoulders and neck as he pressed his body against mine, his hands tugging at the towel wrapped around me. I closed my eyes and reveled in his touch. Why was he doing this to me? Time and time again I’d dreamt about him, yet only recently had the dreams turned increasingly sexual.

His arm cupped my butt and he picked me up, carrying me to the bed and laying me down gently, softly, as if I were something valuable and precious to him. He pulled the towel away and threw it to the floor. His lips made a trail down my body while his hands rubbed my thighs. There I lay, bare, naked, completely exposed for his eyes to see and hands to caress.

I rocked my hips back and forth as his lips kissed my inner thigh. As the moan escaped my lips I looked down; his eyes locked on mine, a predatory look in his eyes that caused my whole body to shiver. He smiled and slid up my body, nipping and sucking my flesh as he went. I pulled the sheets and moaned louder. His lips, his hands, his everything set me on fire.

My mind flashed to the first time he’d touched me.We had just been sitting across from each other in the grass, talking and laughing. I had fallen over from laughing so hard and had hurt my hand. He’d reached out, taken it in his and kissed it, igniting a small fire that was now fully stoked and out of control. I wanted to stop him and calm the fire, gain some control back.

But dammit, it just felt too fucking good.

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The Experience



The molecule that make us all. Everything around you is also a part of you. We all know the saying, “Say No to Drugs”. There is a drug system that approves drugs and a system that disapproves drugs. As we can see in today’s society the approved drug is far more dangerous than the disapproved drug. I wonder why? During the 60s or the “Hippie Era” there was a drug everyone was taking known as “psychadelics”. Science has discovered the most profound molecule in psycadelics called dimethyltrypamine or DMT dmtthat is found in every organism of nature including humans. The interesting fact to me is that DMT is also produced in the brain while we are sleep and provides the dream realm. Which ironically is similar to a “trip” you would take during a psychedelic experience, but less powerful of course. Take a look at what its like to experience a trip and the effect is has to not only know we were all connected but to actually see it.



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One Love


Movie Monday!

This weeks movie is Field of Dreams starring the lovely Kevin Costner. Have you seen it? If you haven’t then I suggest that you do!

Field of Dreams is about a a family who lives on a farm in Iowa with his wife Annie and daughter Karin. He’s out in the cornfield when all of a sudden he hears, “If you build it, he will come.”

As intriguing as the above is, I was extremely skeptical about this movie. At first I thought it was about religion or aliens, which reminded me of Signs, a movie that I did not want to re-watch in the least, even in the loosest sense. Thank goodness it turned out being about baseball. When that was made obvious, I was way more open to the movie.

Ray Kinsella, whom Kevin Costner plays, interprets this voice to mean that he has to build a baseball diamond on his farm. If he does, a baseball player will show up. As the movie develops the clues are barely enough to predict how events will unfold, but around every corner is a pleasant surprise. James Earl Jones is one of those pleasant surprises. How his character connects to and is involved is very comical and moving, his deep voice amplifying that. The end of the movie will bring you to tears, so have some tissues ready.

Kevin Costner has been in a lot of baseball movies, all of which I have not seen, but this one by far takes the cake for being mysterious but with a purpose. I give this movie an 8/10 star rating.