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Tresses Thursday 12/22/16

Hello all, and welcome to another Tresses Thursday, where I share hair updates, hairstyles, and tips. In this week’s post I experimented and tried something new. 😀 My part Choctaw mom, milamoki, taught me these Native American  braids.

First, I washed my hair using Andalou hair products and put Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner, using a thick-toothed comb to distribute it thoroughly through my hair. Secondly, I part my hair on the right side. I section some hair for the braids on either side of the part, down and past my ear a bit, then gather the rest of the hair and twist it into a bun to be dealt with later. Next I braid the hair on either side of my head, left first then right. Grabbing an equal amount of hair for each braid strand and trying to keep the braid tight and neat was the most challenging part for me. Once finished the braids, I unbun the rest of the hair, comb through it, and use two hair ties to make a low pony tail on the left side, which is temporary. I then proceed to section the hair and make four braids. Lastly, I remove the hair ties keeping the pony in place and wrap the braids around it, using a bobby pin and a hair clip to keep the end of the braids in place.

And voila, there you have it!

Tresses Thursday 12/1/16

Hello all! Welcome to Tresses Thursday, where I share hair updates, hairstyles, and tips. For this week’s post I have two simple braids in the back and twisted the hair in the front into two side buns.

 So, how did I make this hair style? First, I washed my hair using Andalou hair products and afterwards used Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner . Secondly, I used a thick-tooth comb to comb out my hair as well as distribute the leave in conditioner thoroughly. Thirdly, I part the hair into four sections, parting in such a way so that more hair is in the back two sections than the front two. Next, I twist both front sections and one back section in to temporary buns so the hair can stay sectioned. Then, I take the free back section and braid it. I do the same to the other side. Now that the back is finished, I start on the front. I untwist a front bun, comb it out, then begin to twist the hair along my head back towards my ear. Once to the ear, I twist the remaining hair into a bun on the side that looks coiled. I repeat the process for the last temporary bun, twisting the hair along my head towards my ear, then twisting it into a coil bun.

And voila, there you have it!


Tresses Thursday 9/8/2016

Hello and welcome to Tresses Thursday. Following up  last week’s post, here is a better comparison of the growth and change in the condition of my hair. In both pictures my hair is flat- ironed straight. For about the last six months I have been using Andalou Naturals and you can definitely tell the difference it makes! My hair is much longer and looks as well as feels much healthier. It isn’t offensive to the touch anymore, but instead more gentle and pleasing.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Here are some tips on how you can maintain the straightness of your hair without using a flat-iron:

  • Put oil at the ends of hair everyday
  • Use a paddle brush to brush hair
  • A thick tooth comb to comb hair
  • Put hair in bun on top of head and wrap with scarf when sleeping or laying down for long periods of time

Tresses Thursday 9/1/2016

download_20160221_183534Hi and welcome to Tresses Thursday! This week I’d like to share with you the growth and condition of my hair. In this picture, which was taken in February of 2016 before I switched to using Andalou Naturals products, my hair is flat ironed straight. As you can see, my hair looks kind of dry, especially at the end. It was smooth and nice feeling on the top half, the half closest to my head, the newest growth, but the bottom half felt a little offensive to touch and obviously doesn’t look as good.  Continue reading Tresses Thursday 9/1/2016