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Tresses Thursday 2/9/17

Hi and welcome to another Tresses Thursday, where I shareĀ hair updates, hairstyles, and tips.šŸ˜€Ā  My goal every week is to try a different hairstyle, and this week’s surely is brand new and extremely simple.

First, I washed my hair usingĀ  Andalou hair products, then putĀ Giovanni Direct Leave-In ConditionerĀ in.Ā After that IĀ used a thick-toothed comb to distribute it thoroughly
through my hair. Then, I parted my hair from the top of one ear to the other and twisted the bottom section into a bun to be dealt with later. With the hair in the front I parted it into four sections. Each section before getting twisted along my head received about a quarter sized amount of Desert Essence J0joba Oil.Ā The remaining hair from the twists against my head got twisted into a bun.

With the front done, I moved on to the back section. I applied a quarter-sized amount of jJojoba oil to it, combed it through, and then braided the rest.

And there you have it!

Music & Video: SydTheJack

P.S. All products used are either organic or non-gmo.

Tresses Thursday

Hello and welcome to Tresses Thursday, where I will share hair styles and tips!

Now that I am an organic vegetarian I love my hair. Before I transitioned to eating organic food, my hair was a nightmare. Ā In a previous post, Hair Battle? Not So Much…, I talked about theĀ struggle of learning and taming my hair and how Organic food helped with that.Ā As much as my hair has improved, could it get better? My mom suggested that I look in to hair products that had the similar standard of the food weĀ consumed. It took awhile, but I stumbled upon these products!Ā  Continue reading Tresses Thursday