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Movie Monday

Waitress is actually a pretty good movie, despite my early reservations about it. Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion have great chemistry together, enhancing the comedy. The movie takes surprising turns that lead you with your mouth hanging open and face scrunched up. Cheryl Hines and Adrienne Shelly play her friends, and their witty  and quirky jokes are leg-slapping funny! As funny as the movie was though the ending was a let down.

On Rotten Tomatoes Waitress has a 7.3/10 rating by critics and a 3.4/5 rating from its audience. I agree with the audience and would also give Waitress a 3.4/5 rating. I  recommend this movie to anyone who likes witty comedy with unsuspecting turns.


Check This Out!

This is definitely a must see Netflix Original! Netflix’s other original anime was The Seven Deadly Sins which was cute and fantastic and definitely  didn’t disappoint. It also had a more light, comedic feel to it like Fairy Tail does. Their new anime Ajin: Demi-Human is more of a mysterious supernatural horror. The first episode was so intriguing! The concept already had me hooked but the way events played out at the end had me yearning for me.

Each episode is about 25 minutes, but cut out summary scenes and the beginning and ending songs and it’s closer to 20. Take twenty minutes to watch this new Netflix Original and you won’t regret it.