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Tresses Thursday 4/20/17

Hi and welcome to another Tresses Thursday, where I share hair updates, hairstyles, and tips. This week’s post is about a very simple, easy hair style that just takes patience and two mirrors.

First, I washed my hair using something new, Nature’s Gate. I used their Aloe Vera + Macadamia Oil Moisturizing Shampoo and their Henna + Avocado Shine Enhancing Conditioner, which I believe they do not make  anymore because it is no longer listed on their website. What interested me so much in this line of hair care is that their shampoo and conditioner had specific vital ingredients listed on the front of the bottle.

I still used  Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner and combed my hair with a thick-toothed comb to distribute it thoroughly through my hair. Then I twisted all of my hair in to a low bun at the base of my next for a few days.

After a couple of days I unwrapped the bun, and parted the hair into six sections. I used a hand held mirror to make sure the parts were straight and even. From right to left, I braided each section along my head.

At an organic market I was able to find an all-in-one Pure Daily
Moisturizer called Booda Butter. I 20170416_113003.jpghave been using it for last couple of weeks to twist my dreads and let me tell you it is fantastic! For awhile I was just using water and the Direct Leave-In Conditioner, which wasn’t enough to have the hair lock. This Booda Butter boasts that there are 50 ways to use it. It is extremely useful, versatile, and a little goes a long way.

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Tresses Thursday 12/29/16

Hello all, and welcome to another Tresses Thursday, where I share hair updates, hairstyles, and tips.ūüėĬ† My goal every week is to try a different hairstyle and¬†let me say this did not turn out how I had originally planned or thought it would.¬†lol

I started the usual way, washing my hair using¬† Andalou hair products¬†and¬†put¬†Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner¬†in, then¬†used a thick-toothed comb to distribute it thoroughly through my hair.¬†Secondly, I section the front of my hair in a triangle, and twisted the front along my head from right to left. I twisted the rest of the hair in to a coil and pin the curl. Next I¬†make a part all the way across my head, from the top of one ear to the other, then part that hair down the middle.¬†As you can see in the video, it isn’t straight. ¬†lol¬†My part inspector, milamoki, was taking a nap, so I did the best I could do with using a hand-held mirror to see the back of my head. Next, twisted each section of hair in to bantu knots. With the hair that’s left, I french braid it along the back of my head.

Once all that is finished, I wrap my hair in a scarf to protect the style as well as the hair from breaking off as I sleep. The next day, I take off the scarf, undo the pin curl, the bantu knots, and the french braid. I run my fingers through parts of it to help the curls spread out.

And header-156421_1280.png, there you have it.

Tresses Thursday 12/22/16

Hello all, and welcome to another Tresses Thursday, where I share hair updates, hairstyles, and tips.¬†In this week‚Äôs post I experimented and tried something new. ūüėÄ My part Choctaw mom, milamoki, taught me these Native American ¬†braids.

First, I washed my hair using Andalou hair products and put Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner, using a thick-toothed comb to distribute it thoroughly through my hair. Secondly, I part my hair on the right side. I section some hair for the braids on either side of the part, down and past my ear a bit, then gather the rest of the hair and twist it into a bun to be dealt with later. Next I braid the hair on either side of my head, left first then right. Grabbing an equal amount of hair for each braid strand and trying to keep the braid tight and neat was the most challenging part for me. Once finished the braids, I unbun the rest of the hair, comb through it, and use two hair ties to make a low pony tail on the left side, which is temporary. I then proceed to section the hair and make four braids. Lastly, I remove the hair ties keeping the pony in place and wrap the braids around it, using a bobby pin and a hair clip to keep the end of the braids in place.

And voila, there you have it!