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Tasty Tuesday 10\18\2016

Hello and welcome to Tasty Tuesday, the day of the week we share our latest vegan dishes and experiments. Today for you we have Vegan Ravioli with Meat Crumbles. Sautéed crumbles according to package instructions with two cloves of garlic, olive oil, and Italian seasoning, then added peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Sautéed for 4-5 minutes, then added spaghetti sauce. Bring to a boil, quickly cover with lid. Turn fire down, simmer on low for 20 minutes, stirring periodically.

Most of the meals we share can be prepared with limited culinary skill in 40 minutes or less. Our pictures aren’t always the prettiest but it’s probably closer to what your actually results will resemble.

*All ingredeients are USDA Organic or Non- GMO. Always.


Waffle Wednesday

Hello and welcome to Waffle Wednesday! Unfortunately, the poll had a tie, so I decided to make a combination of the two waffles! Today for your viewing pleasure we have Waffle Omelet with fried potatoes, red and green pepper, and red onion with a side of fruit.

*All ingredients are either USDA Organic or NON-GMO. Always.

Waffle Wednesday

Hello and welcome to Waffle Wednesday! We owe thanks to last week’s waffle poll for making this week’s Pumpkin Waffle possible, accompanied by some fried potatoes. 😉

This week’s waffle was delicious. It broke apart in the middle and was a tad softer than other waffles I have made-no doubt because of the pumpkin.  I was able to put the butter right inside the waffle. Yum, yum, yum.

*All ingredients used are either USDA Organic or NON-GMO. Always.

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Waffle Wednesday!


Welcome to this wonderful Waffle Wednesday. I was so eager to eat the waffle that I forgot to take a picture before I put butter on it! Today the waffle has blueberries and chocolate chips in it! Mhmm, delicious!

*All ingredients used are either Organic or NON-GMO. Always.