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Tresses Thursday 12/29/16

Hello all, and welcome to another Tresses Thursday, where I share hair updates, hairstyles, and tips.ūüėĬ† My goal every week is to try a different hairstyle and¬†let me say this did not turn out how I had originally planned or thought it would.¬†lol

I started the usual way, washing my hair using¬† Andalou hair products¬†and¬†put¬†Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner¬†in, then¬†used a thick-toothed comb to distribute it thoroughly through my hair.¬†Secondly, I section the front of my hair in a triangle, and twisted the front along my head from right to left. I twisted the rest of the hair in to a coil and pin the curl. Next I¬†make a part all the way across my head, from the top of one ear to the other, then part that hair down the middle.¬†As you can see in the video, it isn’t straight. ¬†lol¬†My part inspector, milamoki, was taking a nap, so I did the best I could do with using a hand-held mirror to see the back of my head. Next, twisted each section of hair in to bantu knots. With the hair that’s left, I french braid it along the back of my head.

Once all that is finished, I wrap my hair in a scarf to protect the style as well as the hair from breaking off as I sleep. The next day, I take off the scarf, undo the pin curl, the bantu knots, and the french braid. I run my fingers through parts of it to help the curls spread out.

And header-156421_1280.png, there you have it.