Indica VS Sativa VS Hybrid

Today we will be discussing the major differences between the types of Marijuana. Now for the experienced smoker, the difference is similar to what do you feel like eating that day? What you smoke also depends on your reason for smoking. If your just smoking to get high, then a sativa is probably your choice of smoke. Most medical marijuana users enjoy the head high, but use for pain or anxiety relief. I’ve found that a indica dominant hybrid is best for my needs for pain relief. Hybrids are great for treating multiple symptoms. sativa differences

I’ve found several strains locally that are hybrids, and are just as effective at relieving my pain as the narcotics the Dr. wants to prescribe. I prefer a indica dominant hybrid that has a good balance of THC and CBD, but that’s just me! The local growers I have met are well versed and extremely knowledgeable in the ins and outs of growing quality smoke. All growers should keep to the standard of chemical free growing, but it’s not always the case.


Recently here in Washington, the state caught most of its testing facility’s pushing false paperwork. The numbers that were quoted were pulled straight out of thin air, and pesticides were used that are not allowed. Yes that’s right, poison was used to grow weed. Then the state allowed the product to hit the shelves and be sold to the public. So basically they knowingly allowed poison to be sold just for pure profit!!! So my question now is, Who made it the state’s decision if I want poisoned weed? The exception to this is the medical marijuana world… Medical growers know that the quality is the key to the marijuana having the intended effect. Also, most medical growers wont use any chemicals that they wouldn’t want to be ingesting themselves.

Medical Marijuana VS Recreational Marijuana!

“What’s the difference?” I’ve had a lot of people ask and I’m pretty sure the biggest difference is not the price! If I knew for sure that the quality of the weed was absolutely amazing, I wouldn’t really mind spending a few extra bucks on some quality recreational herb. My issue is you basically play marijuana roulette with every purchase. There’s no opening and smelling the product! Even if you could open and smell the goods, the way the state law is written makes the grower package the weed in a way that it all smells the same.

Now we can discuss the cost! The tax alone kills you on a recreational purchase! Now I understand the aspect of it’s not a necessary thing for everyone, just like tobacco isn’t used by everyone. But 25% tax on all sales! Your killing me smalls! I won’t name any shops, but a shop very near my home has some quality bud! I just personally can’t afford to pay $40.00 for two grams of weed! Two Lousy Grams!!! When I go to my not to far away medical dispensary (10 miles away) I get a quarter ounce for the same $40.00! Not to mention there’s a much higher quality to the weed! I can smell the weed, examine the buds under a jewelers loop, sometimes even get free samples and already rolled joints! Plus I know that my money is going to a local Medical Marijuana Patient who grew a bit too much for himself!

In December of 2015, the state of Washington decided it wanted more tax revenue from marijuana sales in Washington. So the state forced a large portion of dispensaries to apply for a recreational license, or face raids and criminal charges! The real crime here is forcing Medical Patients to spend what limited resources we have on low quality and low quantity weed! The state is also further perpetuating the pharmaceutical stranglehold of the American people! “How so you ask?” Look at the list of side effects for an average medication and compare them to the side effects of smoking weed or eating an edible infused with THC and CBC!

The Organic Struggle

Some of you may be thinking what the hell is Organic food and why should I care about it? Well you should because any food that isn’t organic (or NON-GMO) is poison. Organic food is grown in a healthy way that does not involve pesticides, synthetic chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones, and is significantly more nutritious than conventional foods, which are the complete opposite of organic food (which is actually real). Yes, in the sentence you just read the words synthetic chemicals. Now who in the hell wants to ingest synthetic chemicals? Or foods that have been grown with chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones? All of these things wreak havoc on the body and can be attributed to conventional foods.I have first hand experience with that, but that’s another story.

More and more people are discovering just what is, or isn’t for that matter, in the food their sustaining their life force with. The more people that figure that out, the harder and harder it is becoming to obtain organic food. Even hitting multiple grocery stores doesn’t quite cut it. And the drought on the West Coast-more specifically California, Nebraska, Oregon and Arizona- isn’t helping anything either. Certain brands have just disappeared from our normal go-to market shelves, never to be seen again, not in any market that carries organic food in our vicinity.

Who would ever suspect that you could eat yourself to death without gorging yourself on food? Not overeating, but simply being poisoned by the kind of food you put in your mouth? Consuming conventional food, GMO food, which stands for genetically modified organisms, is equal to a  death sentence. Anything that takes years off of your life and slowly debilitates you,  decreasing your quality of life is anti-life. It is a tool to stop you, to slow down your potential to be greater and to succeed, to live longer and to achieve more.

Don’t allow yourself to stay in the dark any longer. Do yourself the biggest favor and research organic food. And even if you don’t believe a word you read, just for the hell of it, switch your diet to all organic food for a minimum 90 days to prove that I’m wrong and that all the research and the studies you did are wrong.

Come back and tell me that switching to organic food didn’t change your life.


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