The Day I Was Diagnosed With Cancer!

I will never be able to forget the day I found out I had cancer. It was Christmas Eve Day 2008, and I awoke to not being able to use my left leg and a lot of swelling. I went to the Hospital thinking I had thrown a vertebra out in my back and a pinched nerve, but was told after an MRI that the ER Dr would explain everything and I was already registered and checked in to the ER. Thinking I had possibly broken something, I began to fear having back surgery and became very nervous as the hospital staff admitted me into the emergency room.

When I was all checked in the staff seemed kinda awkward and weren’t interested in taking any vitals or asking any questions. When the Dr came in, all the nursing staff quietly exited the room and the Dr began to explain things to me. He said the scan showed a large mass in the psoas muscle on the left side of my spine. He then said that it was most definitely a tumor and with tumors and the location of the massive tumor, he was 99 percent sure that it was cancerous. I was in shock!

I didn’t know what to say or even how to respond at that time. I couldn’t believe I was just told I have cancer! The Dr then asked if I had a preference in locations and he was referring me to a specialist to have an immediate biopsy to see what kind of cancer it was and how to treat it! I was really afraid now! I knew about chemo and radiation therapy, but then the Dr said if the biopsy comes back as sarcoma, I would definitely lose my left leg at the hip within 30 days!

After panicking, I regained my wits and started researching surviving cancer. The single most important thing to beating cancer is having a positive attitude and not give up. I broke emotionally in more ways than I knew were even possible! I regret not finishing the last three rounds of chemotherapy, but I was past my breaking point, and couldn’t take being in the hospital for another 3 weeks total chemo time.

There is a lot more to my cancer story, and I hope you come back to read it!







Importance Of A Pedicure

No matter how you feel about your feet, you have to understand that they are your forever shoes, your life shoes. They will carry you till the end of your days.

I’m very particular about my feet. Finding shoes can be very difficult due to their shape and size. Even wearing either therapeutic or orthopedic with support in the shoes so impressive that it makes a cheerleading pyramid look like Jenga, takes its toll on the body. Remember you have to balance all of your weight on your two feet only.

Yesterday, in my Refresh post I talked about taking the time to take care of yourself, to have stress-free unwind time for your health. Going to get a pedicure fulfills that. We only get one life, one body, and one set of feet.  Make it a point to take  care of all three.

Refresh Yourself

Too often we find ourselves drained, worn out, and neglected. We can make the mistake of being so busy that we don’t schedule time for ourselves, time that is vital to our daily mental and physical health. Unfortunately for the majority of us humans our first priority isn’t to take care of ourselves, but of young ones, loved and dear ones, maintenance on the car, maintaining the house, paying bills, so on and so forth. Our daily activities have us so caught up that we never take the time to tend to our minds and bodies the way.

Refresh Yourself. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and mentally take a step back.Cool down. Your body and your brain are more important than any job or task you could possibly have. You are no good to anyone or anything if you are not the beset, fullest you you an possibly be.

Reinvigorate your life, replenish your energy, and if you haven’t done so already switch to Organic food! You body and brain deserve the work, you just have to be willing to do it! A lot of us have a bone to pick with Exercise, I know, but doing one thing every day that your body doesn’t normally do is healthy for your joints and muscles. It’s only going to help you become a better You.

So whether it’s reading a book, playing video games, drawing, acting out a scene, drinking a nice glass of cold water, or just simply kicking back and binge watching some movies and Tv shows whatever helps you chillax and unwind, do it. Your Mind, Body, and Soul deserve it.


Amateur Photography

Now days, anyone and everyone is an amateur photographer and film maker, all you need is a smart phone! Snap a couple hundred pictures of random things, and run them all thru Photoshop! The days of paying to process roles of film are long gone for the most part. Who wants to spend money on buying film, and then spend even more money on processing and printing the pictures out? Digital allows for so much more detail, as well as no more wasted materials.

My favorite type of photo is what I consider real life pictures! I don’t want someone to pose for a picture, I want to get a picture of whats really happening at that exact moment in time! Pictures of places are nice to help remind you of somewhere you’ve been, but its the emotion and raw feeling I want to relive when I look through a photo album.

Pictures are also great at reminding you of things you have overcome and for gaining perspective on why your life is where it is now. I’ve looked at photo albums online documenting someones personal transition from being over weight, to being in shape and healthy. I’ve seen slide shows documenting the physical changes that hard drug use will cause over time. Since its creation, a picture has been worth a thousand words, but in the digital era we now live in, I feel like a pixel is worth a thousand words!

I love looking at random picture online and using Google images to view places I’ve never been yet. I love taking pictures of random things such as a stop sign or a building I think looks cool. I also love living in a city that recognizes the importance of art in the community. Mural artists are hired to paint over graffiti and sculptures are incorporated into our public transit system. People need to be reminded to feel and experience life. We all need to be reminded of what separates us from all other species of life on this planet, our ability to create something that inspires feelings in others.

Take as many pictures as you can and live in the memory, don’t just remember! Both photos in this post are from my personal collection taken in Ocean City Washington.beach edited1.jpg

Hair Battle? Not So Much…

Eating Organic food has saved my hair. (My life too, of  course). By saving my hair it has helped me embrace my natural hair. Before Organic food, I was a slave to the Flat Iron and its friend Blow Dryer. The constant urge to make my hair look neat, flat, and tame plagued my teen-aged and young adult years. The stress of, “ How am I going to style my hair?” constantly on my mind.

There were times were I was Free from the Heat Hold though. As rare as those times were, they were great. I’d get a glimpse of my natural curls and what my hair was capable of. The periods of time I was Free from the Heat Hold increased until that’s all there ever was.

With the task of learning my hair and what it was capable of came the frustrating journey of finding products that would aid me in taming my natural locks. Of course there were products that worked better than others, but none truly satisfied me nor did my hair the justice it deserved. Years and years I spent trying various products, styling methods, and reading any and all advice and tips I could get my hands on. For all of my hard work and research it seemed like I was was still  coming up short.

In all of my research, none of it ever led me to Organic food. Who led me?: My mom. She is the one who hipped me to Organic and Non-GMO food. The life my mother gave me she saved.

No more dry hair rampant with split ends, no more struggling to grow my hair, no more exhausting bouts with the brush and comb! As I ate Organic food and continued to abstain from using any heat on my hair the life seeped back in. My hair seemed fuller, more vibrant, and for once not dry. For someone who had previously thought they just kinda had curly hair, Organic food proved my wrong.

Before Organic food, my hair seemed like a black and white movie. Now, it is like one full of color.

This picture is mine and came from my personal collection.





Feel The Bern!!!!!

This weekends caucus in Washington State proved that the people want Bernie Sanders! Why we want Bernie is so simple, I really don’t think I need to get  into detail. My issue is still with the way the electoral credits work in this country. Why should a state with a smaller population have more say than the majority of voters? Then I hear stories about polling places being shut down or people being turned away to feel like their vote doesn’t matter. Then we see videos of Trump rallies where people are being assaulted and the crowd is cheering on the attack! What is happening to this once great country? Have we all become so completely detached from our humanity that this has become acceptable behavior?

I can honestly say that right now I’m afraid! I fear for the future that awaits my children if we continue to allow such a small percentage of people continue to impoverish the entire nation for their own personal profit. How long can we really afford to have a majority of the population on some form of assistance program, when the real problem is allowing corporations to pay employees low wages at the same time as paying stockholders and CEO’s millions and even billions! The fact that this country doesn’t have a federal minimum wage that is actually a living wage.


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