It was so cold that my breath fogged up the glass. I locked my door, just out of habit, and kept my eyes focused outside. Trees whisked by, as if running in the opposite direction as they were heading.

“How much longer till we get there?” I asked, tired of being in the car. After awhile there is no position nor any amount of shifting that will cure your discomfort. It becomes unbearable.

“Not that much longer, dear,” my mother said, giggling. She glanced over her shoulder and smiled.

A light rain began to patter the car, streaks of water  obstructing my view of the beautiful green landscape outside. In the front seat my mother was shuffling about, distracting my father.

“What in heavens name are you doing?” He asked her, a smirk on his face.

“Nothing goes better with rain than classical music!” She laughed playfully. Finally she found a CD case with what she was looking for and popped one in. It started to play and her and my dad smiled at each other. He reached over for her hand and held it to his mouth, kissing it. It was a beautiful moment. I was happy for my parents.

Until my heart was in my throat, that is. In front of us lay dozens of enormous fallen rocks blocking the road. There were a couple of cars ahead stopped a little bit away from where the rocks lay.

“Oh wow,” he said, quickly hitting the brakes to slow down.

Except we didn’t. The car kept going. He pumped them, but nothing happened.

“What the-?” He said. I could hear the panic in his voice. My mother turned to him, panic evident in her eyes, their beautiful moment shattered by this impending disaster. He pulled the emergency brake the the tires locked, screeching.

The car hit some black ice and started spinning. The force of the spin pinned me to the car, like an insect to a bumper. We got closer and closer to the cars and rocks, closer and closer to being smashed.

We collided with a car and the rock wall. My suitcase came from the other side of the car and landed on me. I heard a distinctive snap and wondered if something had broken on me or the case.

I could hear shouts outside of the car. A few seconds later, someone was at my door.They spoke to me, but my brain didn’t register. I was in shock.

In the front, my parents were still. The windshield’s glass had shattered as well as my mother’s window. My father seemed fine but she had cuts and scrapes all on her. Some people, the ones from the other cars, I assumed, opened our doors. They checked us out, making sure we were okay.

A series of loud CRACKs  whipped through the air and everyone froze in place. We looked up in horror to see more rocks falling down.

Today I played Heroes of the Storm for the first time! I have never played League of Legends but from the article that I read located in the tweet below it said that HotS is much less complicated and LoL requires much more strategy.

Basically, HotS is a much more simplified version of LoL. There isn’t as much setup or technical depth. It focuses solely on combat and hero talents, which I love. It is a breeze to play and the graphics are superb. Heroes of the Storm is a simplified MOBA that allows you to focus more on the battle while uncomplicatedly choose hero talents. I definitely recommend this game!

Here’s a bit of my first experience playing Heroes of the Storm!

Check This Out!

This is definitely a must see Netflix Original! Netflix’s other original anime was The Seven Deadly Sins which was cute and fantastic and definitely  didn’t disappoint. It also had a more light, comedic feel to it like Fairy Tail does. Their new anime Ajin: Demi-Human is more of a mysterious supernatural horror. The first episode was so intriguing! The concept already had me hooked but the way events played out at the end had me yearning for me.

Each episode is about 25 minutes, but cut out summary scenes and the beginning and ending songs and it’s closer to 20. Take twenty minutes to watch this new Netflix Original and you won’t regret it.

Happy 420 Stoners!

The day of April 20th has been known as a Stoners Holiday for quite some time. I can remember being in middle and High school and skipping classes to go smoke weed at the park with friends. Now that I’m an adult, the celebrations have only intensified and become more of a festivle of weed smoking than anything else. As the culture of marijuana and cannabis continue to evolve, the tolerance to stoners has become greater and more people are becoming accepting of the Weed smokers way of life.

I can remember when the only kind of hash you could buy was press hash and it wasn’t always good and it was always expensive. Now days, I can walk into a recreational store and purchase several different kinds of hash from several unique strains of really good weed.

So today I plan on venturing out into the Recreational shops to see what kinds of deals are available as well as I plan on reviewing as many different strains as possible today! I will be posting a link to my YouTube account so you can feel as if you’re in the clouds with me reviewing all the tasty treats!

Universal 420 Highness chart from Google images.

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