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The Experience



The molecule that make us all. Everything around you is also a part of you. We all know the saying, “Say No to Drugs”. There is a drug system that approves drugs and a system that disapproves drugs. As we can see in today’s society the approved drug is far more dangerous than the disapproved drug. I wonder why? During the 60s or the “Hippie Era” there was a drug everyone was taking known as “psychadelics”. Science has discovered the most profound molecule in psycadelics called dimethyltrypamine or DMT dmtthat is found in every organism of nature including humans. The interesting fact to me is that DMT is also produced in the brain while we are sleep and provides the dream realm. Which ironically is similar to a “trip” you would take during a psychedelic experience, but less powerful of course. Take a look at what its like to experience a trip and the effect is has to not only know we were all connected but to actually see it.



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One Love


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Open The Vault

THE MIND IS ALL!! Everything in this life is mental. All that exist begins with a thought, which makes the human mind the most powerful thing in the universe.vaultopen.png Our consciousness never leaves us, so why not have fun with it? Use your mind to create anything you desire. There are many ways to achieve the things in life that you want, but nothing is attained without the use of mind power. There is a saying I’m sure we all have heard, but not many understand what it really means, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” Every child has heard those words, but were never really taught exactly how to do it. In this series we will turn each tumbler of the mind until the vault is open. There is treasure in our vaults that is more valuable than anything in the world. The world itself is in the vault, and you could never have a price tag on such a precious gift. Stay tuned for Tumbler #1.

One Love



The Time is Now


The time is NOW!!! In today’s society we tend to worry about yesterday, today, and tomorrow. In all actuality, right now should be the only concern. Nothing is more important than the moment we are living in RIGHT NOW!!! The past and the future brings about worry, which is a waste of energy. Yesterday will never reappear and tomorrow is uncertain, so enjoy what’s happening RIGHT NOW!! If you have a dream, chase it RIGHT NOW!! If you love someone, tell them RIGHT NOW!!

One Love


Take a Look Inside

Imagine if you could have anything you wanted just by thinking about it. What if I told you it was possible? Have you ever had a dream that felt a little too real? This is the place where that is possible. You can be the director and star of your own movie.dreams There are some amazing things you can do in the dream world. Your mind is unable to distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality. Close your eyes and think of a memory you have of something that made you feel good (childhood memories, past loves, current loves, etc). After fantasizing about those things, you actually begin to  feel good. Your mind actually believes that what you just thought about has actually happened. When we dream we are the only ones that experience what happens in those dreams. But does that mean it didn’t really happen? The human mind is very powerful, but can be fun to explore. There’s a world inside of you.dreams_by_whisperfall

“Open Mind for a Different View”

“One Love”


We Are Not Alone

On May 27, 2016 I noticed something a little strange. There was, what seemed to be, a fireball floating across the sky,  pulsating red and orange  As I exited my vehicle I noticed another fireball trailing the first one. As I proceeded to record this rare sighting, five more fireballs began to appear and travel along with the first two, making a total of seven.

Whirlpool Galaxy courtesy of

What I was mostly intrigued by was how they were traveling at the exact same speed and distance away from each other. After seeing the “fireballs” fade off into the atmosphere, I returned to my vehicle and drove home. Upon arriving home I couldn’t help but to stare at the night sky in awe. While doing so, two more fireballs appeared. Strangely, these two fireballs hovered over a pair of cell towers for about fifteen seconds and then faded into the atmosphere. Instead of being afraid, I was excited to know that the world is much bigger and more interesting than what we see on a day-to-day basis.

“Open Mind for a Different View”





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A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is like no other. Mother nature has surrounded us with the color green, which can be found from the grass on the ground, to the color of the sky. Why? Well, our senses are what allows us to interact with the physical aspects of life. So everything we see, hear, smell, taste, and feel all play a major role in our overall interactions with life. Green represents revitalization and rebirth. It is also a representation of balance and nature. It symbolizes the Heart Chakra which bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. It allows us spiritual humans to open up to love and compassion. So the next time you’re feeling down, pay mother nature a visit and let her fill that void with love, like only a mother could. One Love. #UnorthodoxVisionz

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