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My Organic Garden

Just wanted to document my personal experiences starting an organic garden. I know it’s not much to look at now, but hopefully with some help I will be able to have some home-grown non GMO Organic veggies this summer.



I will take lots of photos of all the stages of building and maintaining the garden. I will also give tips and advice as situations arise.

Stop the prescription assault!

I very recently had a change in my pain medication to better help manage my pain. I was switched from my normal vicodin to dilaudid. I have been hesitant on taking anything stronger for a while now, but reluctantly agreed to try the dilaudid for a month. The first few days were ok, no noticeable side affects. Then the problems started. I was not breathing normally and was feeling very weak.

I made an appointment same day and went back to my Dr office. After a long day of being upset and concerned about breathing normal again, I finally was feeling better after undergoing some care at the Drs.

My question now is why would they want to put me on a medication that causes severe breathing problems, when I have obstructive sleep apnea? I’m not putting any names or even what office it was at, but can you not kill me please! And EPIC FAIL on my pharmacist for not seeing the potential for problems.

I will be posting a lot more and catching up on things that this whole ordeal has put into disarray.

Feel The Bern!!!!!

This weekends caucus in Washington State proved that the people want Bernie Sanders! Why we want Bernie is so simple, I really don’t think I need to get  into detail. My issue is still with the way the electoral credits work in this country. Why should a state with a smaller population have more say than the majority of voters? Then I hear stories about polling places being shut down or people being turned away to feel like their vote doesn’t matter. Then we see videos of Trump rallies where people are being assaulted and the crowd is cheering on the attack! What is happening to this once great country? Have we all become so completely detached from our humanity that this has become acceptable behavior?

I can honestly say that right now I’m afraid! I fear for the future that awaits my children if we continue to allow such a small percentage of people continue to impoverish the entire nation for their own personal profit. How long can we really afford to have a majority of the population on some form of assistance program, when the real problem is allowing corporations to pay employees low wages at the same time as paying stockholders and CEO’s millions and even billions! The fact that this country doesn’t have a federal minimum wage that is actually a living wage.


Man in 80 foot tall tree in downtown Seattle

The first thing that comes to mind when I heard about this guy climbing into the top of a sequoia tree in the middle of downtown Seattle Washington was “This guy is either seriously mentally ill, or this is some kind of political demonstration of some kind!” It’s to early to know why the still unidentified man climbed the tall tree, but I’m upset that the top of the tree was destroyed! What gives this guy the right to destroy a beautiful living tree?

Police and firefighters responded to Stewart Street and Third Avenue around 11:20 a.m. Tuesday after receiving reports that the man had climbed about 70 feet up the sequoia tree in a street median. Officers, believing the man posed a danger to himself, pedestrians and motorists, closed several surrounding streets. I personally made a trip into the heart of Seattle, and was able to catch a glimpse of the huge spectacle created over the last 24 hours. I was happy to see that the police and emergency personal were patiently waiting and not forcing the situation. I was expecting fire and rescue workers to attempt snatching him out of the tree using a ladder truck.

I will definitely be doing a follow-up to this story! #TheStruggleIsReal

Man safely down from the tree!