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Band Review- Twisting Fate

Twisting Fate is a Heavy Rock, Metal Thrash style band local to Seattle Washington. Its band members: Mike Stevens on Vocals, Chris Sleight on Guitar, Scott Doerflinger on Guitar, Chode on Drums, Evan Stegman on Bass.

I personally have seen Twisting Fate several times live, as well as had the privilege of being at a few practice sessions. I have no doubt Twisting Fate will go far and be successful as a band.

twisting fate band 1

The band has all original songs as well as sings a few cover songs and ii’s members are always having fun while playing. I know for a fact that the vocalist Mike Stevens is a reader of my blog and we will have a unique perspective as well as a chance to hear from him as well. Keep reading the comments and keep up with this page to keep up to date on upcomming shows and events.

All images copyright Twisting Fate and used with permission.


Featured Pipe Store-Wunderland Pipes & Gifts

I want to start off by saying hands down, Wunderland is the best smoke accessory shop in all the Seattle area. They only buy from local glass artists and absolutely do not sell any tobacco products. I don’t think there is any other shop quite like Wunderland. I have never had anything but awesome customer service and always leave happy knowing I made quality investments.

The selection of what they offer is very large and is all locally made. Wunderland was formerly called Odyssey of Burien, but is still the same owners and staff since becoming Wunderland. Odyssey was a staple in Burien since the 1970’s.

The only thing I can really say is you must stop in and find what treasures await. I will be following up with the owners of Wunderland for an in depth interview and possibly a discount code.

Amateur Photography

Now days, anyone and everyone is an amateur photographer and film maker, all you need is a smart phone! Snap a couple hundred pictures of random things, and run them all thru Photoshop! The days of paying to process roles of film are long gone for the most part. Who wants to spend money on buying film, and then spend even more money on processing and printing the pictures out? Digital allows for so much more detail, as well as no more wasted materials.

My favorite type of photo is what I consider real life pictures! I don’t want someone to pose for a picture, I want to get a picture of whats really happening at that exact moment in time! Pictures of places are nice to help remind you of somewhere you’ve been, but its the emotion and raw feeling I want to relive when I look through a photo album.

Pictures are also great at reminding you of things you have overcome and for gaining perspective on why your life is where it is now. I’ve looked at photo albums online documenting someones personal transition from being over weight, to being in shape and healthy. I’ve seen slide shows documenting the physical changes that hard drug use will cause over time. Since its creation, a picture has been worth a thousand words, but in the digital era we now live in, I feel like a pixel is worth a thousand words!

I love looking at random picture online and using Google images to view places I’ve never been yet. I love taking pictures of random things such as a stop sign or a building I think looks cool. I also love living in a city that recognizes the importance of art in the community. Mural artists are hired to paint over graffiti and sculptures are incorporated into our public transit system. People need to be reminded to feel and experience life. We all need to be reminded of what separates us from all other species of life on this planet, our ability to create something that inspires feelings in others.

Take as many pictures as you can and live in the memory, don’t just remember! Both photos in this post are from my personal collection taken in Ocean City Washington.beach edited1.jpg

Norwescon 39

Norwescon is the Pacific Northwest’s Premier Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention and one of the largest regional Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions in the United States.  The interests of its fans such as anime, costuming, art, gaming, and much, much, more.Costumes and cosplay are encouraged and Norwescon is a family friendly event.While maintaining a primarily literary focus, Norwescon is large enough to provide a venue for many of the other aspects of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Here is the banner from the website

Norwescon 39: Remembering the Future

Now I will say this, Norwescon isn’t free, and single day passes are available as listed below. Now in case you’re wondering why Friday and Saturday cost more, well that’s because of all the crazy fun room parties that are held each year. A lot of effort goes into the planning of the room parties, and some require a minimal room donation to enter. All room parties are 18+ and some are even 21+ only. If your like me, and have attended for many years, I know of and have my invitation to the Black Bank Slave Auction!!!!!!!!!!

Registration at Norwescon 39

Full-weekend (four-day) memberships will be available at the convention for $75.

Daily memberships are sold on the specific day of attendance only. The rates are:

  • Thursday: $40
  • Friday: $50
  • Saturday: $50
  • Sunday: $30

Some of the many awesome things about Norwescon is the Artists and Vendors that will be there. I have seen everything from custom costumes, armor and swords, and hand-made leather goods of all kinds. As always the Double Tree Hotel in SeaTac is hosting this event. Stop by this year to see what it’s all about!