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Thursday Thoughts

Armstrong The Bone Collector - Original by iClassicalCom, on FlickrI have finished The Bone Collector! When I picked up from where I left off last week  the suspense really started to amp up. The victims the murderer kidnapped were a mother and daughter, which raised the stakes. But with Lincoln Rhyme on the case the perp had no chance. If you only watch the movie you really miss out on the depth of the relationship between Lincoln and Amelia that added to the suspense and anticipation of what would happen next. The ending was completely different from the movie, which is the movies loss. To put it plainly, the movie is a simplistic version of the book with some plot changes.
Check out how I rated the book below:

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Thursday Thoughts

Armstrong The Bone Collector - Original by iClassicalCom, on FlickrMy, my, my, how the time flies when you read! I am almost finished The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver. Currently I have read 75% of the book, stopping at the beginning of part IV. I am extremely eager to see how this book ends. Since I have watched the movie I kind of know where it’s going, but only recently read pages have sort of foreshadowed what is coming/to happen. The diction in The Bone Collector, and probably all in the Lincoln Rhyme Series, is very detailed and riveting. As you read your mind races as you become just as appetent as the characters you are reading about to get to the bottom of things.


Picture: “Armstrong The Bone Collector – Original” (CC BY 2.0) by  iClassicalCom 

Update on ‘The Bone Collector’

I am heavily addicted and on my toes. Last Thursday I made a post about the booArmstrong The Bone Collector - Original by iClassicalCom, on Flickrk I was currently reading (The Bone Collector), and the book I was planning to read (Dogs: Bullets and Carnage). I haven’t made much of a dent in the manga, but man, I just can’t seem to put down The Bone Collector. 

As I read I encounter parts of the book that are tweaked or portrayed differently in the movie. Of course there are going to be some, but there are vital actions and thoughts that characters have that help showcase who they are as well as develop the story and relationships between them which is lost in the movie The Bone Collector. For example, the way Amelia and Rhyme respond and interact with each other is much more personal in the book than in the movie.

Currently I have read 37% of The Bone Collector,  about a third of the way into Chapter 13. I am enjoying every page.

Image: “Armstrong The Bone Collector – Original” (CC BY 2.0) by  iClassicalCom 

Thursday Thoughts

Man, this book has me hooked! The Bone CollectorArmstrong The Bone Collector - Original by iClassicalCom, on Flickr by Jeffery Deaver is as captivating as it is intriguing. Lincoln Rhyme is a moody quadriplegic who is stuck in a bed with the entire use of his mind but only the use of his left ringer.The lack of forensic stimulation and crime scene exposure has left him sarcastic and pigheaded. A detective Rhyme use to work with, Sellitto, drops by and asks for his help on a case, leaving the crime scene report behind, which is bait that his mind has already taken. To see how his mind thinks and works helps the reader become more involved with the story, following along with Lincoln Rhyme’s logic.

There is a movie adaptation of the book titled the same. I watched the movie before I started reading the book, which is a rare occurrence, but sort of generalized what I could’ve expected in the book. My mom, who had already read and seen The Bone Collector, in that order, warned me that the portrayal of the relationships between the characters were altered in a way that didn’t truly capture how they were in the book. Currently I have read a only 17% of The Bone Collector, and so far she has been right. It is rare that I encounter a book the first in its series that is over 450 pages long, this being 516. As intriguing as this is I should be finished in no time, no matter the length!

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Enjoying Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire very much so! In addition to reading the book I also had the opportunity to listen to it on CD while driving and enjoyed it just as much! Normally I can’t pay attention to an audio book but the task of driving helped focus my mind.

Interview With The Vampire

Yes, I have decided to finally read Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice. Anne Rice is a well-known author who has written dozens of books. Her work is filled with so much thorough detail that there isn’t much room for your imagination. As you read the story plays out in images in your head like your own personal movie. From what I’ve read online and heard from other readers of her works is that  her writing consists of long extremely well-detailed paragraphs that keep you reading on.

Only about a meager fourth of the way in to the book and let me tell you- everything that I’ve been told so far is true. Her style of writing is right up my alley and I can already tell just by being a meager fourth of the way in that I am going to be addicted to this book! My must when reading a book is that the syntax has to explode and outdo my imagination. What literary devices am I going to see when I read the first page? What am I going to encounter as I zealously absorb the first couple of chapters?

Back to the pages I go, to discover the answer to that question and to get lost in the extraordinarily detailed writing of Anne Rice.


Source: Welcome To Anne!