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Metallic Menagerie…

I’m doing a mini fund raiser to replenish my ink stores and support our Dev efforts. Please help if ya can. Donation levels & my corresponding thank you gifts below. Complete form for gift after donation. Feel free to DM on IG. God bless 🙏💜

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The phenomenal magical humans that are BTS, are up for two iHeartAwards and Hixtape is on the way. Life is glorious beyond belief.


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My Son: Beauty in Desolation

Nature, history, peace…

What an Amazing World!

The Ruins of My Son Sanctuary in Central Vietnam

Indochina, a region that comprises most of Mainland Southeast Asia, has been both an entrepot and battleground of influences from two ancient superpowers in Asia, India and China as the region’s name suggests. Coined in the early 19th century, the term has been used to describe what is now Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. The latter three were then collectively called French Indochina during more than sixty years of French colonialism in the region. However, the tug of war for domination between Indian- and Chinese-influenced local powers was probably the most evident in Vietnam.

Between the seventh to twelfth centuries, most of what is now central and southern parts of Vietnam was under the control of Champa, a collection of polities ruled by the Cham people whose traces in the region date back to as early as the second century…

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