Fiction Friday 4/14/17 Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #160

Hi, welcome to Fiction Friday, where I share some of my writing. This week’s post is a response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #160.


Her lungs ached from the climb up. She turned, and before her was a stunning sight. She shifted her weight to her right hip and etched this landscape into her memory.

“It was as if I was on top of the world…,” Her mom had described while laying sick in her hospital bed, at the end of the life and wanting to tell her shy sheltered girl her adventures.

Carrie was only 14 when her mom passed away. She bounced around from her father, to his family, to her mother’s family, which she liked being around because it reminded her of her mom. It infused her with happiness and positivity that she just didn’t absorb with her father’s family.

Carrie sat down, tucking her coat under her butt. Reaching into her coat, she pulled out a medium sized drawing  pad and began to sketch what she saw. She used a crazy long pencil that had ruler markings etched onto it to her help her line up her vanishing points and anchor her perspectives.

Time seemed to pass slowly as the sun went down and the sky darkened. Still, Carrie sketched on. After a couple of hours, she stood up and stretched her legs and looked at her pad. Satisfied with what she saw on it, she nodded and with that began the journey down to the bottom.

She flashed to one of the last memories she had with mother…

Carrie sat at an angle at the side of her mother’s bed so that she watch her sketch. She faded in and out of consciousness, sometimes speaking, other times reaching out and patting her twice. 

She could hear her mother rustling next to her. She turned and was greeted with her warm green eyes. Carrie smiled. Her mother returned her smile and squeezed her elbow.

“That is just simply stunning baby girl,” her mother had rasped. Carrie shrugged. 

“Be proud of your work Carrie, you are constantly learning and growing and evolving. I love you and am proud of you at every stage of your life because you are constantly discovering yourself, scrapping the old you and reemerging tweaked and different in better, positive and beautiful way.”

That was the most Carrie had heard her mother say in one clip in an extremely long time. Her mother held her hand to her chest but stared her straight in the eye to drive her point home. She smiled and leaned down towards her mother, kissing her on either side of her face.

“Thank you mom, I love you too.”

Carrie turned back to her pad and twirled her pencil in her hand, trying to decide where to dive back into. Her mom rubbed her back until she fell back asleep. 

She had sketched so effortlessly and beautifully that day. It was still some of the best work she had done by far. Carrie had felt that feeling today sketching, another goal besides actually making it up there.

What a great day. Her mother would be proud.