Daily Prompt: Ostentatious

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via Daily Prompt: Ostentatious

It all started with moving to a new school…the people, the environment, the town it was centered in…all of it was out of her comfort zone. And yet here she stood, in front of a building that looked so daunting that Michael the archangel himself would not dare enter such a place. The reputation was enough, but to actually see it in person?

Absolutely mind-boggling.

She had always been the odd one out, the last one picked to do anything, and most likely shunned or forgotten when people were around. Somewhere inside of her she’d accepted being judged weird at times and at others not being noticed at all. Since the horrific accident with her twin siblings, the spotlight had shifted and centered on her, turning her life completely upside-down. 

Could she withstand the scrutiny now placed upon her, or would she follow the wild streak of her family and ultimately bring the same fate upon herself as her siblings did upon them?

Tall, white pillars lined the front entrance of the Matisse estate. A massive stone mansion with countless balconies, windows, doorways, trees, gardens, water fountains, and various recreational constructions. Definitely fit for a royal family.


As glamorous and luxurious as the house and all its amenities were, it came off as an ostentatious facade to her. The presentation felt like a lure into a hellish existence she had barely witnessed on the sidelines.  

“May I take your bags, Princess?” Someone asked her. She turned her head towards the voice and saw their strained expression. They’d probably asked her repeatedly and she’d stood there frozen.

“Um, no I got these. And you don’t have to call me that,” She said, returning a small smile.

“Nonsense!” Came a voice she hadn’t heard in person in quite some time. Her eyes snapped to a man who’d been absent most of her life, to her father, to the King.

He was dressed in what she usually saw him in: a clean-cut business suit adorned with priceless cuff-links passed down through the generations, The King’s Ring, and a staff that he’d once told her held hidden treasures. To her it looked like a simple scepter.

The people around her bowed after hearing his voice, which annoyed her. He was just a man, nothing more, nothing less. She didn’t feel any differently or treat her father a special way because he was the King. Honestly, she could care less.

Although she was royal, she was a bastard. Her mother she remembered little of for she died when she was just turning four. The King had moved her closer to his estate, but never on it, never invited her to it. She was well taken care of and provided for, of course, but  never had she lived a life of luxury, not like what was before her.

She could see the pain in his smile, the exact thoughts that ran through his head as his eyes took her in, the hesitation as he pondered whether he should walk forward and embrace her. She plastered a fake smile on her face and reached back to grab what she could carry. Even though it pained her and weighed her down, she hiked her bags higher up on her shoulder and climbed the steps The King hadn’t descended.

At the top of the steps she was able to fully take in the massive estate. It looked better when she could see less. “A bit ostentatious, Your Highness” She said to The King passively, bowing as she passed him.

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