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The Little Prince (2016) Directed by Mark Osborne The French author Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s life reads a little like the plot of “The Little Prince.” When he was young, he dreamed of becoming a pilot. But after failing his exams, he broke off an engagement with his fiancé and took a boring office job. He […]

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Reblog Saturday 9/10/2016

Do you play Overwatch, or are you still not sure about picking it up? Well if this weekend Blizzard is allowing PS4 and Xbox One player’s download the game on their console for a free-play weekend. Players will have full access to the game, but only for a limited time. The trial has already started […]

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Erased By False Victory: Obama Hasn’t Stopped DAPL

Water is Life 9/10/2016
Water is Life. We must all protect the water. It is really that simple. We must hold the protection of water and preserving it at a higher value than money or jobs.
Indigenous humans are life. We must all protect them. It is really that simple. We must hold their protection and the preservation of their culture at a higher value than money or jobs.
We must stand in unity as humans across all “labels” as protectors of our Earth Mother against these global climate criminals.

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14067704_1246845795349461_128050987172044891_n #NoDAPL protesters gather for a boat action in Standing Rock on August 20. (Photo: Kelly Hayes)

All Native struggles in the United States are a struggle against erasure. The poisoning of our land, the theft of our children, the state violence committed against us — we are forced to not only live in opposition to these ills, but also to live in opposition to the fact that they are often erased from public view and public discourse, outside of Indian Country. The truth of our history and our struggle does not match the myth of American exceptionalism, and thus, we are frequently boxed out of the narrative.

The struggle at Standing Rock, North Dakota, has been no exception, with Water Protectors fighting tooth and nail for visibility, ever since the Sacred Stone prayer encampment began on April 1.

For months, major news outlets have ignored what’s become the largest convergence of Native…

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