Tresses Thursday 9/1/2016

download_20160221_183534Hi and welcome to Tresses Thursday! This week I’d like to share with you the growth and condition of my hair. In this picture, which was taken in February of 2016 before I switched to using Andalou Naturals products, my hair is flat ironed straight. As you can see, my hair looks kind of dry, especially at the end. It was smooth and nice feeling on the top half, the half closest to my head, the newest growth, but the bottom half felt a little offensive to touch and obviously doesn’t look as good. 

The pictures below were taken this month. My hair was wet and curly, so it can be difficult to tell, but the growth and the change in the condition of my hair is significant. Even wet, it looks much healthier than the above picture. It is close to the same length wet and curly as it is in February flat-ironed.

I am currently in the process of making arrangements to have my hair flat-ironed so I can give a better comparison.

Check out last week’s Tresses Thursday post here… 

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