Tresses Thursday

Hello and welcome to Tresses Thursday, where I will share hair styles and tips!

Now that I am an organic vegetarian I love my hair. Before I transitioned to eating organic food, my hair was a nightmare.  In a previous post, Hair Battle? Not So Much…, I talked about the struggle of learning and taming my hair and how Organic food helped with that. As much as my hair has improved, could it get better? My mom suggested that I look in to hair products that had the similar standard of the food we consumed. It took awhile, but I stumbled upon these products! 

Andalou Naturals Fruit Stem Cell Science is the best that I have tried by far. Before my search, I was using  a shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. Even though what I was using worked pretty well, I found that after a few days my hair became extremely dry. Even using a moisturizer almost every day my hair still felt dry and lifeless.  I found that I was having to wash my hair more often than I liked in order for it not to feel offensive.

Well no more of that! For about 4-5 months I have been using Andalou and am completely in love. Depending on how my hair feels and looks, I switch up between their Brilliant Shine and Moisture Rich shampoo and conditioner. After every wash I use their Argan Oil Plus+ Moisture Rich Leave-In Conditioner and it adds the perfect finishing touches on my hair.


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