How Hillary Clinton Rigged An American Presidential Election

Exactly. Her record is horrific in every metric that counts-human rights, the environment, foriegn policy, criminal justice, education, national security, energy, world events, food policy, the econmy, integrity, honesty, self-accountability, etc…tired of typing.



The above quote from Malcolm X has never been more apt than it is right now.

I have it on good authority that Bernie Sanders’ supporters are “crazy and violent”.

There are several news networks who are running stories about phantom chair-throwing around the clock.

None of the networks seem interested in covering the stories of male Clinton supporters attacking female Sanders supporters or stories of Bernie Sanders campaign centers and volunteer’s apartments coming under gunfire.

You would think these would be interesting to many viewers.

They certainly are more provocative than some guy raising a chair and setting it back down, having regained his senses.

So why is the corporate media constantly focused on “crazy Bernie Sanders supporters” and not an investigation of the events that lead them to act so “crazy”?

It is interesting to note that Hillary Clinton’s top donors include Time Warner, Comcast and Fox.

Even the…

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