Band Review- Twisting Fate

Twisting Fate is a Heavy Rock, Metal Thrash style band local to Seattle Washington. Its band members: Mike Stevens on Vocals, Chris Sleight on Guitar, Scott Doerflinger on Guitar, Chode on Drums, Evan Stegman on Bass.

I personally have seen Twisting Fate several times live, as well as had the privilege of being at a few practice sessions. I have no doubt Twisting Fate will go far and be successful as a band.

twisting fate band 1

The band has all original songs as well as sings a few cover songs and ii’s members are always having fun while playing. I know for a fact that the vocalist Mike Stevens is a reader of my blog and we will have a unique perspective as well as a chance to hear from him as well. Keep reading the comments and keep up with this page to keep up to date on upcomming shows and events.

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