It’s easy to be Faraway; you zone out and get that glazed look in your eye. You’re in your own world. Even as distracting as a loud noise is, it doesn’t quite take you from being Faraway. Everything is slow, sounds are distant, you feel kind of float-y, you breathe like you are relaxed, distracted. To daydream, to dream, to imagine, to pretend, to be Faraway is a momentary release from reality, from troubles and pain.

To be Faraway you do not have to be stationary. You could be walking down the Street being Faraway,  at work actually working but being Faraway, be in a business meeting and participate and yet still be Faraway. Walking down the Street, passing people in the market, catching a Fleeting glance through a Window, gaining the Nerve to go to that store or restaurant you checked out online, no matter where you travel you will encounter someone who is in a Faraway state.

It’s Tricky, you see, being Faraway and yet still rooted in reality with Clarity. As I write this I am in the balance,  Faraway and yet still rooted in reality with Clarity. But multitasking is what it really is, being able to balance being Faraway and the on-goings of reality. As Colorful as reality can be, the feelings of being Faraway are just as intoxicating if not more.

Window by Akuppa, on Flickr
Window” (CC BY 2.0) by  Akuppa 
All images from Flickr and ImageCodr.org used to make attribution.