The Day I Was Diagnosed With Cancer!

I will never be able to forget the day I found out I had cancer. It was Christmas Eve Day 2008, and I awoke to not being able to use my left leg and a lot of swelling. I went to the Hospital thinking I had thrown a vertebra out in my back and a pinched nerve, but was told after an MRI that the ER Dr would explain everything and I was already registered and checked in to the ER. Thinking I had possibly broken something, I began to fear having back surgery and became very nervous as the hospital staff admitted me into the emergency room.

When I was all checked in the staff seemed kinda awkward and weren’t interested in taking any vitals or asking any questions. When the Dr came in, all the nursing staff quietly exited the room and the Dr began to explain things to me. He said the scan showed a large mass in the psoas muscle on the left side of my spine. He then said that it was most definitely a tumor and with tumors and the location of the massive tumor, he was 99 percent sure that it was cancerous. I was in shock!

I didn’t know what to say or even how to respond at that time. I couldn’t believe I was just told I have cancer! The Dr then asked if I had a preference in locations and he was referring me to a specialist to have an immediate biopsy to see what kind of cancer it was and how to treat it! I was really afraid now! I knew about chemo and radiation therapy, but then the Dr said if the biopsy comes back as sarcoma, I would definitely lose my left leg at the hip within 30 days!

After panicking, I regained my wits and started researching surviving cancer. The single most important thing to beating cancer is having a positive attitude and not give up. I broke emotionally in more ways than I knew were even possible! I regret not finishing the last three rounds of chemotherapy, but I was past my breaking point, and couldn’t take being in the hospital for another 3 weeks total chemo time.

There is a lot more to my cancer story, and I hope you come back to read it!







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