Hair Battle? Not So Much…

Eating Organic food has saved my hair. (My life too, of  course). By saving my hair it has helped me embrace my natural hair. Before Organic food, I was a slave to the Flat Iron and its friend Blow Dryer. The constant urge to make my hair look neat, flat, and tame plagued my teen-aged and young adult years. The stress of, “ How am I going to style my hair?” constantly on my mind.

There were times were I was Free from the Heat Hold though. As rare as those times were, they were great. I’d get a glimpse of my natural curls and what my hair was capable of. The periods of time I was Free from the Heat Hold increased until that’s all there ever was.

With the task of learning my hair and what it was capable of came the frustrating journey of finding products that would aid me in taming my natural locks. Of course there were products that worked better than others, but none truly satisfied me nor did my hair the justice it deserved. Years and years I spent trying various products, styling methods, and reading any and all advice and tips I could get my hands on. For all of my hard work and research it seemed like I was was still  coming up short.

In all of my research, none of it ever led me to Organic food. Who led me?: My mom. She is the one who hipped me to Organic and Non-GMO food. The life my mother gave me she saved.

No more dry hair rampant with split ends, no more struggling to grow my hair, no more exhausting bouts with the brush and comb! As I ate Organic food and continued to abstain from using any heat on my hair the life seeped back in. My hair seemed fuller, more vibrant, and for once not dry. For someone who had previously thought they just kinda had curly hair, Organic food proved my wrong.

Before Organic food, my hair seemed like a black and white movie. Now, it is like one full of color.

This picture is mine and came from my personal collection.





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