Interview With The Vampire

Yes, I have decided to finally read Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice. Anne Rice is a well-known author who has written dozens of books. Her work is filled with so much thorough detail that there isn’t much room for your imagination. As you read the story plays out in images in your head like your own personal movie. From what I’ve read online and heard from other readers of her works is that  her writing consists of long extremely well-detailed paragraphs that keep you reading on.

Only about a meager fourth of the way in to the book and let me tell you- everything that I’ve been told so far is true. Her style of writing is right up my alley and I can already tell just by being a meager fourth of the way in that I am going to be addicted to this book! My must when reading a book is that the syntax has to explode and outdo my imagination. What literary devices am I going to see when I read the first page? What am I going to encounter as I zealously absorb the first couple of chapters?

Back to the pages I go, to discover the answer to that question and to get lost in the extraordinarily detailed writing of Anne Rice.


Source: Welcome To Anne!