Cancer Survivor!

I prepared myself as best I could when I was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer. I tried my best to keep my spirits high, and a positive outlook on living thru the cancer to see by newborn daughter grow up. The only thing I didn’t prepare for was having to try to go back to work after years off for treatments and too many surgeries to count. All my job history has had me on my feet for eight plus house 40 hours a week.

Social Security denied my claim for the most ridiculous reasons. So because they don’t have a defined medical test that they accept as valid proof of disability, I now have to go back to trying to find a legal means of sustainable income that can support myself and my daughter. Good luck right!

Thankfully I have some pretty awesome family members who believe in my ability to keep my head above water and ride the storm out. There will be a lot more posts to come on this subject.

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