Saturday Strain Review! 3/19/2016

I visited a recreational shop near me called Evergreen Market. The staff was very friendly, but lacked the general knowledge I have come to expect from people working in the marijuana industry. Personally I feel the lack of detailed knowledge is a direct result of the rules put in place by the state. If I can’t smell the weed, how do I know I will like it?

So todays strain in review is Mk Ultra. Mk Ultra is a indica dominant hybrid. The grow operation responsible for this strain is Zion Botanicals! I liked the Mk Ultra because it had a good flavor, burned evenly and wasn’t harsh to smoke. The smell pre-burn was average only due to packaging laws and practices. The CBD content was decent and had a good effect of pain relief.


I spoke with a few other consumers as well as a few connoisseurs, and we all agreed to give the Mk Ultra a review of 6 out of 10. As fore cost, $55 for and eighth. I personally didn’t think the quality was worth the cost and hopefully the prices will drop again. Until then, Keep On Smoking, Keep your stash away from minors and enjoy your green responsibly! zion1

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